At AdCrew, we believe in the incredible power of stories. Not only a story can connect information in a logical way, it helps audience decode brand message faster and more emotionally. As the world is filled with stories hidden in every brand, business or person, it is necessary for us to accompany our clients on the odyssey of bringing out the best stories and winning consumers’ heart.

Vision & Mission

Being a global company who brings the long-term values to humanity community.

Our Approach

We provide, advice and make marketing strategies to create innovative solutions to the problems that retail businesses are facing. Inspired by the ideal of bringing values to the community, we aspire to join hands with the humane society to solve the key topical issues of humanities, thereby combining with the stories of your brand to create an idea itinerary for media revolution, that can approach multidimensional and right target audience.


1. We are a professional strategic planning agency

The way we create an effective marketing campaign:

  • Analyzing the current market situation
  • Consult with the Client based on the issue that our community is concerned about
  • Thoroughly listening to the expectations from the Client
  • Conducting strategy plan that links to the brand message
  • Attaching special importance to the interaction with consumers
  • Bringing optimal effect for the Client

2. We are a trustworthy companion

Every employee of AdCrew is well aware of our three main working principles:

  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Willingness to learn
  • We will be your companions on the journey to bring the best value to the community whereas we also belong to. AdCrew provides the right service to leverage the goals set out in your marketing campaign roadmap.

    3. We are creative and different

    Julia Cameron once said “The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.”

    Thousands of messages are passing by everyday, so it can be said that the communication field always requires creative and unique ideas to make it live with us. With a team of young and enthusiastic “warriors”, AdCrew always strives to find out the differences in order to build an impressive strategy to make our Client stand out sustainably, reaching the right Client’s Consumers. We have never surrendered and always ready to fight for long-term goals alongside the development of our Client. AdCrew will fly with you to the “Marketing universe” with effective projects.

    “Events are defined as occurrences to communicate particular messages to target audience.”

    Strategy and Planning

    • Identification of objectives- the objectives of the event
    • Planning of events- planning
    • Service requirements - facility requirements
    • Tapping of skilled employees
    • Assignment of roles & responsibilities-delegation of the work
    • Risk analysis
    • Crisis management

    Operation and Execution

    • Analyze the overall primary goal
    • Selection and recruitment of planning committee
    • Creation of a master plan and budget
    • Develop a timeline
    • Delegation of work
    • Conduction and performance of event

    Monitoring Reporting

    • Controlling of various activities of workflow model
    • Analyzing the end results the events to look forward for betterment
    • Reporting and evaluation
    • Revision of procedures - analysis and improvement gives scope procedures to accommodate changing requirements of client, government policies and cultures


    The participants were full of resistance in all of the meetings, 100% of the participation is female - the main target audience of Canesten products. They come from work for the city authorities.

    The conference room had nice decoration and fully equipped so everyone felt very comfortable, focused and they spent a lot of time for Q & A session.

    The agency was professional and had well prepared for the conference: microphone, handout, welcome guests process, gifts, light and sound systems, banners and PGs. The agency had picked the speaker extremely good, the doctor is enthusiastic and inquisitive in answering questions which helps the meeting more exciting. The answers ranged from general to detailed which were persuasive. MC led the seminar well and fluently.

    The key executives of the Confederation of Labour and the Vietnam Women’s Union showed the doctors and the Bayer donors great kindness. However the agency needs improving the time for questioning should be longer - when there were many audiences want to ask more questions but session time out; Website and Facebook addresses should be printed out and attached to the guest's handout as the slide show is far from people sitting rear.

    This was a very good activity for the brand, should be maintained and expanded.